ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics™

Linus Medical in the Baltic region  is marketing a broad range of leading ConvaTec  Modern Wound Care brands as: Granuflex®, GranuflexBordered®, GranuflexExtraThin®, GranuflexSignal® dressings, GranuGEL® hydrocolloid gel and Hydrofiber® technology dressings as Aquacel™ Extra™  and Aquacel™ Ag + Extra™.

These brands have been available in Baltic markets already for several years and all our customers are satisfied with these products effectiveness and great results.

Leading the field

ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics is and will be about successful patients outcomes.

ConvaTec‘s track record in developing technologies is not only based on knowledge and experience in moist wound care. For over 20 years in wound care ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics™ is guided by a fundamental philosophy. Instead of just looking at the properties of dressing, ConvaTec sets out to understand the nature of the wound, its environment, the surrounding skin and patient as a whole.

From Granuflex® to Hydrofiber®

The breakthrough came with Granuflex® – a product that developed from ConvaTec experience in ostomy care. Good science and a strong understanding of chronic wound pathology enabled to pioneer key technologies: hydrocolloid and Hydrofiber® technology. These have given  a strong leadership position in moist wound healing that ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics maintain today.

Listening, understanding, innovating

ConvaTec designs products to meet specific needs. They are developed with true understanding of the many health care issues that must be taken into consideration: most challenging wounds needs, patients quality of life, nurses objectives in wound care. ConvaTec therefore spend a great deal of  time and resources learning about the issues that matter. By listening to  customers, hospital and homecare nurses, physicians, surgeons and budget holders, their challenges becomes ours too.